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In this edition of the FTP newsletter, we’re taking a break from Brexit & current events to discuss a topic that hits close to home: fiduciary services, particularly payroll support, administration & corporate support. 

Internal administration can make or break a company.

As most of us know, running a business is more than simply client acquisition, marketing and business development.

Streamlined, efficient, accurate internal operations build healthy companies from the inside out. If those processes are faulty, an organization will struggle no matter how robust its business model.

Most managers, employees and founders did not launch or get involved with a company because they were passionate about admin — but rather, because they were passionate about their core business.

For Fiduciary Tucci & Partners, helping businesses optimize their operations is our core business. By taking these tasks off of clients’ hands, they can go back to running other aspects of their business while resting assured that their payroll, tax, accounting and HR operations are fault free.

Payroll Support: a competitive advantage?

Messy internal operations have led to the demise of many a successful company. As with a car, in the end, proper maintenance always pays off.

By automating and outsourcing payroll support and remuneration operations, businesses ensure consistent, impartial, expert quality. This spectrum of services covers all that a startup, company or large organization could need:

  • Salary calculations
  • Executive remuneration structuring
  • Salary-split setup & management
  • Fringe benefits to optimize remuneration
  • Advising on stock options & other profit-sharing schemes
  • Drafting supplementary pension plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Etc.

Little can get in the way of a well-run company that optimizes every step of its administration.

Because we are based in Luxembourg, we benefit from a unique understanding of international corporate requirements, including handling secondments, cross-border remuneration and pensions, expatriate advising and more.

Ongoing versus one-off business needs

In addition to the ongoing tasks associated with running a business, certain critical moments surface only occasionally but have massive repercussions — such as when you draft articles of association, draw up annual accounts or sign key contracts.

During these times, it is particularly important to make informed decisions on issues that will affect the longterm wellbeing of your company. Fiduciaries, bound by their commitment to care for the wellbeing of their clients first and foremost, are trusted advisors and service providers with knowledge in law, tax, finance and operations.

This broad expertise guarantees that a company, regardless of their internal expertise, always has somewhere to turn when they lack specific knowledge or manpower.  We pride ourselves in being a dependable extension of their team.

Broadly speaking, Fiduciary Tucci & Partners services encompass corporate, HR & payroll support, tax advisory, company dissolution, trustee and accounting services. Ultimately, we shape unique solutions and put together agile, tailored teams of experts that mirror your exact needs.

Share your goals with us & ask how we can help you get there. Questions about trends, regulations & requirements? Curious about Luxembourg? Fiduciary Tucci & Partners can help answer your queries & find solutions.

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