Small and mid-sized companies entrust their time-consuming payroll and HR tasks to Fiduciary Tucci and Partners. We function as a specialized extension of your in-house team, assisting with a wide variety of these back-office tasks.

With our comprehensive, support solutions clients’ efforts can be directed toward other critical aspects of running their companies.

We are well-versed in local labor code and ensure that all requirements expected of you and your organization are fully met. In each of our payroll and HR-related roles, especially when handling sensitive files and personal information, we operate with the utmost confidentiality.

HR services include the processes of recruitment, onboarding and dismissals. In terms of payroll, we advise and oversee remuneration, severance packages and benefits. Extensive experience allows us to easily assist in more complex matters, such as profit-sharing schemes, deferred compensation and salary splits.

As a Luxembourg-based fiduciary, the handling of international, cross-border issues is a task to which we are accustomed, including secondments, cross-border assignments, international mobility and expatriate advising.

We understand that every company has a unique set of back-office payroll and HR needs. Based on your priorities and size, our custom support takes away the headaches and boosts the overall health of your operations.

In this increasingly more complicated regulatory landscape, our specialists can help you and your team protect its stakeholders while adhering to the requests of all regulatory bodies.

Luxembourg Payroll & HR Services at a Glance

 Payroll management

  • Salary calculations
  • Outsourcing of payroll operations

HR administration

  • Recruitment & departure
  • Management of official obligations
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies relevant to social security, tax & employment
  • Full HR outsourcing
  • Business organization

Tax planning

  • Residence setup for tax purposes

Remuneration & benefits

  • International mobility assistance: secondment & transfer
  • Executive remuneration structuring
  • Salary-split setup & management
  • Fringe benefits to optimize remuneration
  • Advising on stock options & other profit-sharing schemes
  • Drafting supplementary pension plans
  • Staff training & recruitment
  • Deferred compensation plans

Social security & employment law

  • Social legislation application
  • Drafting of contracts & agreements
  • Dismissals & severance payment exemptions
  • Monitoring & structuring of cross-border assignments
  • Drafting of internal procedures & rules
  • Staff elections


  • Expatriate advising
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs applications

Income tax returns

  • Income tax return preparation for residents & non-residents
  • Assistance to relocated employees, i.e. secondment or expatriates
  • Employee trainings on tax optimization