Proper accounting practices are paramount to financial health. Both enterprises and individuals face the ongoing challenge of keeping their finances organized.

As specialists in this regard, Fiduciary Tucci & Partners stays on top of your finances so that you can fully dedicate your time to what matters: your business, your goals or your family.

Our meticulous bookkeeping, monitoring and reporting guarantee that you will have all of the data you need to make the best decisions for you and your company. We foster strong relationships on your behalf, maintaining contact with local authorities and banks.

In addition to general accounting solutions, such as balance-sheet forecasting, budgeting and investment planning, we also assist in tax-related matters, including VAT registrations, VAT returns and tax returns.

After gathering and clarifying all of the data, we analyze your finances, develop an evidence-based strategy and guide you along the way. Once we have helped you take control of your financial realities, we lay out an operational action plan to keep you on the right track.

For many individuals and companies, vigilant accounting can be a constant source of stress and confusion. We are here to relieve you of that responsibility and ensure that your finances are solid, inside and out.

Luxembourg Accounting Services at a Glance

Setup of startups & companies

  • Business plan creation
  • Financial viability studies
  • Bank & investor relations
  • License applications
  • Overall company setup

Accounting services

  • Bookkeeping & reporting
  • Drawing up of annual accounts
  • Balance-sheet forecasts
  • Accounting system organization & setup
  • Cost accounting system analysis & setup
  • Investment planning
  • Financial monitoring
  • Budget preparation & business dashboards
  • Management tools
  • Outsourcing
  • Legal & administrative requirements

Investment services

  • Equity management
  • Wealth management
  • Fund securitization

Tax compliance services

  • VAT registration
  • Tax returns
  • Periodical & annual VAT returns
  • Review of VAT assessments
  • Assistance with VAT audit
  • Drawing up of intra-community & intrastate returns