Exliquo Management, an affiliate 100% owned by Fiduciary Tucci & Partners, provides comprehensive services centered around company dissolution and the liquidation process.

As your company’s liquidator, we are equipped to oversee the entire process, including winding up, distribution of assets, liquidation reporting and dissolution. Alternatively, we can operate in the capacity of strategist, liaison or advisor during this period.

Our experience in the area of company liquidation in Luxembourg allows us to quickly identify and avoid potential hurdles, develop a constructive plan and adhere to deadlines. The liquidation of investment vehicles is a particular specialty of ours.

Throughout the course of these projects we can also maintain your company accounts, liquidation accounts and periodical reports. With our daily support and project management, all legal, accounting, secretarial and shareholder-related tasks fall under our responsibility.

During the critical and sometimes convoluted process of liquidation, partner with a team that has mastered the ins and outs of every step.

Fiduciary Tucci & Partners will drive, monitor and coordinate each phase. Your documentation, filing and planning will be diligently taken care of from beginning to end.

As always, our secretarial support and added manpower are available to help you accomplish the increased workload that can accompany a liquidation or to meet an approaching deadline.

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Luxembourg Company Dissolution Services at a Glance

Liquidation support

  • Liquidator services
  • Liquidation of investment vehicles
  • Balance sheets
  • Inventory
  • Strategy

Liquidation management

  • Company accounts
  • Liquidation accounts
  • Recovery of assets
  • Realization of assets
  • Distribution of funds

Filing & reporting

  • Liquidation filing
  • Periodical reporting
  • Drafting of documentation

Back-office support

  • Secretarial assistance
  • Shareholder meeting organization