Leader in the Fund Industry

Companies and investors have been choosing Luxembourg as their home base for decades, drawn by its pro-business regulatory environment, highly skilled work force and financial industry expertise.

Located conveniently in the center of Europe, this tiny nation is the world’s second-largest fund center. It is also consistently ranked as the continent’s second-wealthiest country per capita. Because of its small size, its regulators and government bodies can quickly adapt to the needs of their constituents.

For example, Luxembourg granted Europe’s first bitcoin license. Local regulators were able to stay ahead of the curve and work with businesses to find cutting-edge solutions much more quickly than other EU members.

Diversification & Innovation in Luxembourg

Luxembourg exemplifies growth, from its influx of professionals, to its expanding infrastructure, to its government teams spurring economic progress. As its financial industry diversifies to stay competitive in a changing world, its legal and regulatory framework adapts to meet it.

While the Grand Duchy has long been a stable business hub, it has more recently established itself as a home for innovative startups. As a result, it is helping lead the way in areas like FinTech and artificial intelligence.

Decades of economic prosperity result from the country’s constant desire to modernize, innovate and grow. It is with this mindset that Luxembourg has maintained its status as a world business leader. It consistently receives the highest-possible credit ratings, drawing in new business from China to Israel.

Fiduciary Tucci & Partners: At Home in Luxembourg

Fiduciary Tucci & Partners is based in Luxembourg and, therefore, has the advantage of being close to the action. We are the first to hear about new financial solutions and legal updates. Thanks to our long history here, we have relationships with relevant, local authorities and organizations that help support us as we serve clients.

Luxembourg is a unique country with a unique position on the world’s financial stage. Fiduciary Tucci & Partners is fortunate to call it “home.” We know its rules, regulations and trends like the back of our hands, making us the perfect partner to help you thrive.

Additionally, the Grand Duchy is closely linked to its neighboring countries and is a key player in Europe. With our cross-border expertise, we let you tap into the opportunities that the wider region has to offer.

In an age of increased regulations and elaborate financial structures, Fiduciary Tucci & Partners can be your guide as you make smart, fully compliant decisions concerning your wealth or your business.