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As its startup scene continues to gain momentum and more businesses arrive thanks to Brexit, Luxembourg’s government remains focused on the infrastructure required for an organization to optimally operate and innovate.

Technology, the driver of tomorrow’s business (and life as we know it), relies on specific frameworks in order to evolve. Years ago, Luxembourg’s government began developing the infrastructure that tech companies depend on. Today, the country boasts the highest concentration of tier IV and multi-tier data centers.

As part of its National Strategy for Ultra-High-Speed Networks, the government invested heavily in a dark fiber network and world-leading data centers. 5G rollout is now also on the horizon. Future society will potentially run on this next level of high-speed connectivity as the internet of things, robots and automated driving become the norm.

The Grand Duchy’s leadership takes into account a variety of input when mapping out the development of its infrastructure — from corporations to technologists to researchers. When it comes to ICT infrastructure, its priorities are defined as technology, connectivity and data centers.

Unlike physical infrastructure, ICT infrastructure is invisible and easy to overlook. However, this underlying framework will be the deciding relocation factor for businesses trying to succeed in a modern world — a world characterized by digital tools and the expectation of instant access to information and people.

Pair these capabilities with Luxembourg’s logistics center, future-proof regulations and innovation-friendly government, and it becomes clear why, even in pre-Brexit times, Luxembourg is an ideal company home.

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