A Bigger Team On Demand With HR & Payroll Services

How turning to fiduciaries for HR & payroll services is a clever way
to avoid over- or understaffing

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For small to mid-sized companies, maintaining a lean team is essential to profitability. Having too many employees adds extra strain and can ultimately sink the ship.

Predicting the magic number can be tricky and stressful, especially when expanding or shrinking the team to adapt to changing projects. What’s a business owner to do when the normal crew simply cannot provide enough manpower or the right expertise? How can a company meet its back-office payroll services and HR needs without the risk of over hiring and longterm headaches?

What many professionals might not realize is that, more than solely tax and trustee service providers, fiduciaries are actually a smart staffing solution. Fiduciary Tucci & Partners operates as a specialized, on-demand extension of its client’s workforce. The fiduciary helps companies complete recurring or one-off payroll and HR projects without needing to hire additional, permanent staff.

Such projects span staff management, from recruitment to hiring to dismissals, as well as remuneration, benefits, deferred compensation and severance packages. Fiduciary Tucci & Partners’ back-office aid adapts at the drop of a hat to meet planned or unforeseen internal requirements in the areas of employment law, immigration, social security, taxation and beyond.

Human resources and people management can prove to be a complex matter in any environment. Luxembourg — with its international workforce, unique labor codes and borders to consider — is particularly unique.

Not only can Fiduciary Tucci & Partners help deliver payroll services and lighten the HR workload, but it is specialized in local law, maintaining strategic government relationships on behalf of all of its clients.

With a deep understanding of the Grand Duchy’s legal and corporate workings, Fiduciary Tucci & Partners ensures that businesses avoid unnecessary hangups and expenses, running as effectively and smoothly as possible.

Next time you are faced with a staffing conundrum consider turning to a fiduciary instead of a temp agency or an unnecessary new hire.

Luxembourg Targets Trade & Business Growth

It’s full-steam ahead for logistics & microfinance initiatives

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Hub Bettembourg & Luxembourg’s Logistics Rise

People and products are on the move like never before, crossing continents and traversing the globe in huge volumes. Transport hubs and seaports unload cargo endlessly, as it passes through onto the next leg of its journey or on its way into the consumer machine.

Luxembourg’s position, both physically in the center of Western Europe and financially as one of the continent’s premiere business centers, makes it a logical transportation crossing. The Cluster for Logistics supports initiatives that further establish Luxembourg’s status as a leading intercontinental logistics hub.

Hub Bettembourg, one such initiative, is a railway terminal equipped with a rail motorway platform that services connections to other key transport cities: Antwerp, Lübeck (continuation to Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia), Helsingbourg, Le Boulou, Milan and Trieste (continuation to Turkey).

The newly expanded Hub Bettembourg, capable of transferring cargo from road to rail, welcomed its first combined trains and rail motorway trains in March 2017. Its range of logistics services covers warehousing, grouping and distribution, cross-docking and customs.

Combined, Luxembourg’s Findel Airport and Hub Bettembourg pull in significant traffic. These numbers ensure that the small country maintains strong positioning in global trade thanks to its logistics infrastructure.

Cargolux, the University of Luxembourg, Shell, Arcelor Mittal and Luxair Cargo all belong to the Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg. The group maintains multiple priorities:

  • Be an unbiased coordination & communications platform for its members
  • Represent their common interests regarding the country’s future positioning
  • Help members innovate & develop competitive skills
  • Promote Luxembourg abroad & improve internal visibility of logistics

A Boost for Microbusinesses

Microlux, Luxembourg’s first microfinance institution, founded in March 2016, received a massive injection this month from the European Investment Fund (EIF).

The European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI), a pillar of Juncker’s Investment Plan for Europe, made this partnership possible. Within the agreement, the EIF guarantees to help Microlux provide €5 million in loans to roughly 400 local microbusinesses. Notably, the European Commission has agreed to deliver this financing.

The Investment Plan is projected to free up €178 billion across Europe, €250 million in the Grand Duchy alone.

Small companies that might normally be refused a loan can now apply for one via Microlux. Part of Europe’s move to make financial resources more available, the initiative recognizes the importance of new business to the future of Luxembourg and the entire EU.

Not only will the funds support startups and SMEs, but also refugees and other communities often denied loans.


Need extra internal support? Curious about Luxembourg? Questions about HR & Payroll Services? Fiduciary Tucci & Partners can help answer your queries & find solutions.

About Fiduciary Tucci & Partners
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